On this date (March 10) 1981, in one of the great moves in the history of the White Sox, the new ownership group headed by Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn signed All-Star catcher Carlton Fisk giving their regime instant credibility.

Fisk became a free agent when the Boston Red Sox, his team since the late 1960s, failed to properly postmark his contract. The persistent White Sox literally camped out on Fisk’s doorstep in getting him to agree to a $3 million contract.

The signing paid off immediately on the field as well.

Fisk became a legend in his first game with the White Sox when he launched a game-winning homer against his old team in his old park. Days later, in his home debut, Fisk thrilled the 51,560 at Comiskey Park with a grand slam.

These were the sparks that ignited the career of one of the greatest and most revered figures in team history.

It was a career that endured many contract squabbles with management and ended, deservedly so, in Cooperstown.


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