It’s obvious some players just linger.

Adam Dunn, signed by the White Sox on this date in 2010, is one of those players.

The other night, on the second anniversary of the White Sox signing of Adam LaRoche (another lingered), I posted my Sox All-Buster team.

The response to my group of miscreants ranged from disgust to anger to palm-to-the-forehead disbelief over a group of players who were as aggravating as a Kipnis AB in the eighth inning of a tie game.

My Sox All-Buster team also prompted some suggestions and, yes, omissions (HOW COULD I NOT INCLUDE MARK TEAHEN!).

Here is the @SoxNerd White Sox All-Buster team followed by @SoxNerd Nation’s unit.

My White Sox All-Buster team: C-Mark Johnson; 1B-Adam LaRoche; 2B-Steve Sax; SS-Royce Clayton; 3B-Brent Morel; OF- Corey Snyder, Nick Swisher, Joe Borchard; DH–Adam Dunn; Starting pitcher–Jaime Navarro; Reliever–Billy Koch

Here’s a Sox All-Buster team based on names Tweeted by my followers after I posted my original list:

Catcher-Ben Davis; 1B-Dan Pasqua; 2B-Gordon Beckham; SS-Mike Caruso; 3B–Mark Teahen; OF-Rob Mackowiak, Brian Anderson, Josh Fields; DH-Jeff Keppinger; Starting pitcher–James Shields; Relief-Ronald Belisario

One thing is for sure: The Sox buster is in the eye of the beholder.

I would have never even considered Pasqua or Fields for my team BUT I could understand how failed expectations could sully some decent accomplishments.

Who’d we miss?



  1. Others: Darin Erstad cf, Juan Rios rf, David Wells sp, Matt Davidson 3b, Roberto Alomar 2b, Andrew Jones of, Griffey Jr. of. This is why I don’t want current regime to trade Sale – no evidence they can truly judge position player.


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