Bring on the rebuild with Yoan Moncada

There was a part of me that looked at the White Sox heading into the winter meetings and thought, “They aren’t too far away. … Just tweak it a little and it will be a September to remember.”

The “Sox-timist” in me examined at the roster and thought, “Just get me a catcher and a competent left-handed power hitter. The Sox are set everywhere else. If everyone just plays to what’s on the back of their baseball card, they will contend.”

My “Sox-timism” also told me Avisail Garcia will blossom and Jake Petricka and Zach Putnam will rebound from their injuries.

Then I thought, I’ve heard these “Sox-timistic” voices in my head before. They spoke to me in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

When Chris Sale and Adam Eaton were moved earlier this week, a new wave of “Sox-timism” swept over me. The fact that the trades were widely lauded didn’t hurt matters either.

We’ve been freed of pinning our hopes on retreads, tired veterans and prospects getting a second chance.

It’s on to the promise of Moncada, Kopech, Diaz, Giolito, Lopez and Dunning.

The appears to be the first White Sox comprehensive rebuild of our lifetime and so far with more pieces to be added hopefully soon, it feels so good.

And, as difficult as it is for me to admit it, the fact the Cubs parlayed a full-blown rebuild into at least one World Series title helps me accept it.

Just remind me of this in June!


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