On this date in 1975, the Sox were saved and Chicago was saved from Charles O. Finley.

Today in 1975, the American League approved the sale of the White Sox to Bill Veeck putting the iconclast in position to own the franchise for a second time.

A.L. owners gave Veeck a week to raise an additional $1.2 million to cement the deal because they were wary of his method of financing. Veeck, who previously owned the Sox from 1959 to 1961, raised the funds and A.L. owners approved the deal by a 10-2 margin.

Veeck’s purchase kept the Sox in Chicago and from moving to Seattle. A plan was being floated around this time to move the Sox to Seattle and transfer Finley’s A’s to Chicago.

John Allyn “gamely held on while Bill Veeck assembled his syndicate and raised the financing to purchase the struggling franchise,” according to Rich Lindberg’s White Sox Encyclopedia.

Don’t start thinking the “Swingin’ A’s” were headed to the Windy City if the “transfer” had happened. At this point, Reggie and Catfish had left Oakland and the controversial Finley was well into dismantling his powerhouse franchise.

By 1977, when the “Southside Hit Men” White Sox were terrorizing the A.L., the A’s were starting a run of four straight 90-loss seasons which bottomed out with a 54-108 finish in 1979.

Veeck owned the Sox through the 1980 campaign before selling to the current owners.


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