Green Bay Packers Kicking Off
A shot of Comiskey Park’s football configuration

In the wake of the Green Bay Packers 30-27 win over the Chicago Bears today, here are a few nuggets on those franchises, the White Sox and Comiskey Park:

*Even again: On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers finally pulled even in the series with the Chicago Bears.

Mason Crosby’s walk-off field goal at Soldier Field knotted the NFL’s premiere rivalry at 94-94-6.

Prior to Sunday, the last time the Packers won to deadlock the series with a 7-0 triumph in Green Bay on Sept. 28, 1930. That put the rivalry at 7-7-3.

It’s too bad George Halas didn’t have the White Sox offense that day.

While “Papa Bear’s” troops couldn’t dent the scoreboard at Green Bay’s City Stadium, the Sox were concluding their season with a 10-7 win at Detroit.

Johnny Watwood and Bob Fothergill combined to go 7-for-11 with eight RBI as Donie Bush’s Sox ended 62-90.

*Paddy’s great: The Bears first game at Comiskey Park was on Dec. 10, 1922 against the Chicago Cardinals.

15,000 watched the Cards use three field goals in upending the Bears 9-0.

Future Bears coach Paddy Driscoll, an Evanston native, Northwestern legend and member of the 1917 Cubs, accounted for all the scoring.

*The St. Rita band was best: The Bears final game at Comiskey Park was a 14-6 win over the Cardinals on Dec. 8, 1957.

This was not a thriller, according to the next day’s Chicago Tribune.

“The St. Rita High School band, the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cardinals played in Comiskey Park yesterday,” Trib scribe George Strickler penned. “They finished in that order. The band won the plaudits of the 43,735 mufflered spectators, the Bears got 14 points and the Cardinals 6.”

The next time the Cards hosted the Bears was in 1959, their final year in Chicago, in St. Louis.

The Bears were 12-8 at Comiskey Park.

*Paddy again: The Packers’ Comiskey Park debut came in a 9-6 loss to the Cardinals on Nov. 8, 1925. Driscoll played the hero again, providing the difference before 3,000 fans over Curly Lambeau’s team with a drop-kick in the final minute.

*Bye Packers: Green Bay’s swansong at 35th and Shields was a 24-21 clipping of the Cardinals before 22,620 on Dec. 2, 1956.

Quarterback Tobin Rote’s third touchdown — all on sneaks — with 65 seconds left put the Pack on top for good.

The next time the Cards would host the Packers would be in St. Louis on Oct. 20, 1963.

The Packers were 7-5 at Comiskey Park.

*Curly report: Speaking of Lambeau, he called Comiskey Park home as Cardinals coach in 1950 and 1951.


*A legend begins: Speaking of legendary coaches, Packers icon Vince Lombardi made his NFL coaching debut at Comiskey Park as a New York Giants assistant on Sept. 26, 1954.



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