Hello Boob and Piano Legs! Celebrating White Sox unique nickname day

 Piano Legs Hickman meet Boob McNair!

The two things these footnotes from White Sox history share are a colorful nickname and a transaction on this date.

109 years ago today, the Sox sold Hickman to the Cleveland Naps after he hit .261 with an RBI in 1907. Hickman retired after his 1908 season with Cleveland.

A classic dead ball era all-hit/no-field performer, Hickman got his monicker because of his stout stature. Baseball Reference lists the West Virginia product’s playing measurables at 5-foot-9 and 180-pounds.

“Piano Legs”  has always stood out to me because his nickname is listed as part of his official entry in the all-time roster in the Sox annual media guide

Thirty-one years after cutting off their “Piano Legs,” the Sox grabbed a Boob!

On this date in 1938, the Sox obtained McNair, a third baseman, from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for infielder Boze Berger.

McNair, whose nickname was a play on a popular comic of his era, “Boob McNutt,” didn’t play like a Boob for the 1939 Sox.

The Mississippian hit a team-best .342 with 82 RBIs while playing 103 games at third, 19 at second and nine at shortstop. He shared time with Skeeter Webb at second base in 1940, his last year with the Sox.

I thought of McNair a lot at my former place of employment where I once got a letter signed “Thanks Boob.”

The sentiment was taped to my computer up until my last day on the job! 


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