This letter to me from Bill Veeck prompted some great recollections of the ex-Sox owner.

My blog in 2017 highlighting a letter I received from Bill Veeck brought to light what a phenomenal “people-person” the two-time owner of the White Sox was.

It’s obvious based on reactions attached to my post and others I found, that “Barnum Bill” made a lot of friends during and after a career that would ultimately land him in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a sampling of comments related to Veeck I found after I posted my blog (I added one from 2018):

@MarkBernhard55: “I got engaged in July, 1976 at Comiskey. When I called to set it up Bill got on the phone. I just about fell off my chair. He set everything up, we had a blast, she said yes, we are still married.”

Todd (on Facebook): “… In the summer of ’83, I sat in right field bleachers (at Wrigley Field) and talked baseball with him about a dozen times. … Even more surprising, you could get bleacher tickets by just walking up to the ticket window on game day.”

Bob (on Facebook): “The father of fun at the ball park and a wonderful human being!!” ⚾⚾⚾👏👏👏👏

Christine (on Facebook): “This is such an awesome piece of baseball history!”

Molly B and Me (blog comment): “Real letters are special and this one is very cool. Great tribute. You’ve both inspired me to write a letter today.”

Bob (on Facebook): “Bill Veeck would sometimes greet the fans coming though the main gate.”

Jim (on White Sox History Facebook page): “Around this time, I called the White Sox general phone number because I had just read that the Sox were going to trade Ken Kravec. Within 10 seconds Bill Veeck was on the line. I’ll never forget what he told me, ‘What do you think I’m trying to do, make the team worse?’ WHAT A GREAT GUY!”

Scott (on White Sox History Facebook page): “Whenever I hear ‘baseball is dying’ it’s because our generation grew up with men like Veeck. Kids today have no such connection with their favorite teams. It’s all faceless marketing.”

William (on Facebook): “Very cool! I sat right near Bill Veeck in the Wrigley Field bleachers back in the late 70s. He would be enjoying the game, shirt off, having a beer and talking baseball with his friends. What an amazing guy, with all he did for baseball.”


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