Today is Todd Frazier’s birthday.

If you were at a White Sox game and read mention of Frazier’s birthday, you knew it was a long day at the old ballyard.

It could have been a long day because of a blowout, a marathon, a rain delay … anything.

There are points in my job of researching, inputting and displaying graphics on the scoreboard at Guaranteed Rate Field where I like to — proverbially — “goose” people. I like to see if the fans and, yes my co-workers in scoreboard control are still with me.

Usually I like to stick to situational stuff or background info during an at bat but every once in a while I’ll try to give the board a jolt.

This is where the Frazier birthday stat came in.

During a Frazier at bat mostly in the aforementioned situations, I posted a graphic that read:

“Shares a birthday (Feb. 12) with Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Bill Russell.”

My memory is fuzzy (I display about 10,000 stats a year!) but I may have included Chet Lemon and Joe Garagiola in the graphic but definitely not Outback Jack!


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