A shot from the 1965 White Sox media guide of Dave Nicholson’s roofer.

There were few things more thrilling at Comiskey Park than a roof shot home run by a White Sox player.

In sorting some old files while readying my former office for the arrival of our first grandson (he needs his own room event at the grandparents house), I stumbled upon an opus I assembled on Comiskey Park roofers.

It’s not clear when I did this but I am guessing I put this together in 1993 because of mentions of the active George Bell and Carlton Fisk.

With my “Countdown to White Sox Opening Day” entry being on roof shots today (44 days til the Opener, 44 roof shots), I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of this research.


*The most prodigious roof shot home run in Comiskey Park may belong to White Sox slugger Dave Nicholson

On May 6,1964 Nicholson victimized Kansas City’s Moe Drabowsky for the park’s 13th roofer and third by a Sox player.

According to the White Sox 1965 media guide, “…Nicholson … thrilled fans in White Sox Park with a homer which cleared the left field roof, landing an estimated 573-feet away.”

*The White Sox Ron Kittle is the all-time leader with seven Comiskey Park roof shot home runs

*22 roofers were hit by the Sox and 22 were hit by opponents

*Eddie Robinson hit the Sox first roof-shot on April 25, 1951. Comiskey Park’s first six roofers were hit by opponents

*The first six roof shots were launched by Hall of Famers: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx 2, Hank Greenberg Ted Williams

*The first eight roof shots hit by Sox foes were by Hall of Famers: Gehrig, Foxx 2, Greenberg, Ruth, Williams 2 and Mickey Mantle

*Ruth’s roofer, the park’s first, was home run No. 37 enoute to his record total of 60 for the ’27 Yankees and traveled an estimated 474-feet and came in the first season Comiskey Park was double-decked

*One of Williams’ 185 hits in his .406 season of 1941 was a Comiskey Park roof shot.

*Gehrig’s roofer of May 4, 1929 was one of three homers he would hit that day

*Jose Canseco’s roofer on Sept. 22, 1985 was the second homer of his career

*Milwaukee’s Rob Deer hit the only Opening Day roof shot homer on April 7, 1986. The homer came in his first American League at bat

*Kittle hit the final roofer on April 17, 1990 off Boston’s Rob Murphy

*The Sox Dan Pasqua was the last left-handed batter to launch a roofer (May 30, 1989)

*Two of the 44 roofers were lefty off lefty shots: Baltimore’s Boog Powell off Juan Pizarro on July 18, 1960 and Pasqua off Detroit’s Frank Tanana on May 30, 1989

*Toronto’s George Bell was the only player to hit two roofers in a series (Aug. 24, 25, 1985), in consecutive days and in consecutive games

*Kittle and Cartlon Fisk were the only teammates to hit roofers in the same game (Aug. 1, 1984 vs. Boston and Bob Ojeda)

*Greg Luzinski and the Tigers’ Ruppert Jones connected for roofers in the same game on July 3, 1984

*Kittle was the only player to hit a roofer in an A.L. Rookie of the Year season (1983)

*19 of the 44 roofers were hit between 1983 and 1985 after Comiskey Park’s homeplate was moved 8-feet closer to the outfield

*The leader in roofers at the Comiskey Park’s original distance are Foxx and Williams with two each

*11 MVPs own roofers: Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Foxx, Greenberg, Howard, Bell, Mantle, Canseco, Dick Allen and Powell





  1. As a kid, I was listening on the radio when “Big Nick” hit that homer. I also have two copies of the 1965 yearbook with that photo. I don’t believe it was called a “media guide” back then. Cost about 50 cents in a paperback book format.

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  2. I was living in Springfield at the time and the only way I could hear Bob Elson, the voice of the White Sox was on my car radio , a 1963 Corvair convertible. I would sit in the car in my backyard listening to the goings on in Commiskey a mere 150 Miles north.

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