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A look at Leury Garcia … @soxnerd style:

ON A ROLL: I sense a pattern developing here.

The White Sox are 9-3 when L. Garcia starts and 2-6 when he doesn’t.

*GOIN’ DEEP: Garcia’s two home runs are one more than Todd Frazier (1), Jose Abreu (0) and Melky Cabrera (0) have combined.

*BIG BAT: Garcia has as many homers (2) in 17 games and 47 at bats this season as he had in 153 games and 308 at bats entering the season.

*CENTER OF ATTENTION: Garcia may have found a home in center field.

Garcia has made 15 starts at the position and looks comfortable there. In his previous four seasons, Garcia made 36 starts in center.

*SHORT PEOPLE: Only 17 players shorter than the 5-foot-8 Garcia have homered for the White Sox.

1,729 players have donned the White Sox yarns.

The last player shorter than Garcia to homer for the Sox was the 5-7 Jimmy Rollins on May 13, 2016.

*CLUTCH: Four of Garcia’s five RBI this season have come with two outs.

*YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW? Here are the all the players shorter than Garcia who have homered for the Sox:

5-6: Walt “No Neck” Williams, Nemo Leibold, Ducky Holmes, Herm McFarland, Clark Griffith, Dummy Hoy and Fred Hartman.

5-7: Rollins, Warren Newson, Joey Cora, Harry Chappas, Don Buford, Tony Cuccinello, Mike Kreevich, Braggo Roth, Freddy Parent and Amby McConnell .

Note: Upon further research, this blog was updated to delete Tom Daly. I had the wrong shorter Tom Daly of the two Tom Dalys who played for the Sox!


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