Rick Renteria chats with the ump who ejected him on Sunday (MLB.com screenshot)

*THE THUMB: Maybe Hawk was right.

Rick Renteria’s ejection Sunday may have confirmed Hawk Harrelson’s comments that White Sox pitchers weren’t getting any close calls during a 4-0 loss in Baltimore.

The Sox skipper was tossed in the third inning. He was tossed by plate umpire Paul Emmel during an Avisail Garcia at bat.

“He ejected me and that’s all I can say,” said Renteria (MLB.com), who wouldn’t reveal if the thumbing was for disputing balls and strikes.

The ejection was the Sox first of the season.

*SOX STUMPER: Here is the trivia question displayed on the scoreboard during the Sox last home game, which was on this date a year ago: Who was in the White Sox lineup with his brother for the first time on June 23, 1973 at Comiskey Park?

Answer below.

*MORE ON THE THUMB: Here are some other nuggets on Sox ejections …

–This was Renteria’s seventh career ejection and his first since Sept. 26, 2014 when Jeff Nelson threw him out in Milwaukee when he was managing the Cubs.

–If Sunday’s ejection was for arguing balls and strikes, it would be Renteria’s first since June 4, 2014 when Todd Tichenor tossed him at Wrigley Field in a game vs. the Mets. That ejection was preceded by ones on Sept. 26 (balk/non-call) and July 9 (fair/foul).

–Renteria has been tossed six times as a manager and one time as a coach for San Diego on July 17, 2010

–One of Renteria’s ejections as Cubs manager came vs. the Sox. Renteria was told to leave his Cubs 8-3 loss to the Sox at U.S. Cellular Field on May 7, 2014. He was tossed by plate umpire Todd Woodring for disputing balls and strikes

–Prior to Sunday, the Sox last ejection was on Aug. 10, 2016 when Don Cooper got the heave-ho from Pat Hoberg for arguing balls and strikes in Kansas City.

–Robin Ventura’s last ejection as Sox manager came on June 13, 2016 for arguing balls and strikes with Mark Carlson vs. Detroit in Chicago 

–For the record, the Sox first ejection was on May 5, 1901 when manager Clark Griffith was tossed by Tommy Connally in a 21-7 loss at Milwaukee in the first road game in franchise history.

*WHITE SOX ALMANAC: On this date in 1984, the White Sox and Brewers played 17 innings before their game at Comiskey Park was suspended sometime after 1 a.m. with the score 3-3.

The White Sox won what turned out to be the longest game by the clock (8 hours, 6 minutes) in American League history the next day on a home run by Harold Baines in the 25th inning.

*STUMPER ANSWER: Dick Allen (with his brother Hank)


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