Clarence “Pants” Rowland was ejected in his second game as Sox skipper (Photo: http://tinyurl.com/mr5fo2w)

@SoxNerd Blog for May 9 (any guff for the same topic two days in a row and YER OUTTA HERE! …)

*TOSSED: Rick Renteria was ejected in his 30th game as White Sox manager on Sunday.

Plate umpire Paul Emmel gave Renteria the heave-ho for presumably arguing balls and strikes in the third inning of a 4-0 loss at Baltimore.

30 is pretty early into a White Sox managerial career to get the thumb but it’s hardly the earliest.

In fact, nine of the 29 White Sox managers who were slapped with ejections received it earlier than Renteria.

The earliest ejection into a Sox managerial career was by Clarence “Pants” Rowland, who was invited to leave his second day on the job on April 15, 1915.

The Sox won 15-0 in St. Louis that day (in front of Mayor-Elect William Hale Thompson no less!) and Rowland was thumbed for disputing a call at first base.

The Tribune said “Manager Rowland (was) put off the field for strenuous protesting …”

I mean, the Sox led 9-0 after two … You couldn’t have let that one go?

*SOX STUMPER: This was the trivia question flashed on the scoreboard during the Sox home game vs. the Reds on this date in 2015: Who is the only player to make the All-Star team for both the White Sox and the Reds?

Answer below.

*NO FAVORITISM: Rowland served as an American League umpire from 1923 to 1927. Among his ejections were White Sox Eddie Collins, Bill Barrett and Ray Schalk.

*MORE EARLY THUMBS: Jack Onslow was booted in his fifth game as Sox skipper in 1949 and Hall of Famer Al Lopez was given the gate in his ninth game at the Sox helm.

Others to make an early exit in their Sox managerial careers were Jerry Manuel in 28 games, Terry Bevington in 13 games and Tony La Russa in 24 games.

*WHITE SOX ALMANAC: On this date in 1984, Harold Baines ended the Sox 25-inning win over Milwaukee with a homer at Comiskey Park

*LATE EJECTEES: It took Donie Bush the longest time to get ejected.

Bush, who managed the Sox in 1930 and 1931, was tossed in his 261st game as Sox skipper.

*NOT THROWN: Don Kessinger, Johnny Evers and Hugh Duffy are among the Sox managers who have never been ejected.



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