@SoxNerd Blog for May 18 … 

*HELLO BIG GUY: Wimpy is back!

Tom Paciorek will re-unite with Hawk Harrelson on White Sox TV for this weekend’s series in Seattle. Steve Stone is taking the weekend off.

Paciorek was Hawk’s sidekick in the Sox TV booth for 10 years.

They were fantastic together and played a key role in sustaining the franchise’s popularity in the 1990s.

While it was the Hawk who got credit for the colorful catch-phrases, the affable Paciorek contributed a few.

Such as ….

–”We take dat one:” Paciorek would say this when the Sox would get a huge break.

–”You have to have hair on the bottom of your feet to hit it there:” This is how Paciorek would describe a player who hit a particularly massive home run.

–”This the guy we’ve been waiting for all night:” Paciorek would say this when the potential last out of the game would approach the plate.

*SOX STUMPER: Here is the trivia question displayed on the Sox scoreboard on their last home game on this date in 2015: Who batted second in each of the White Sox 11 postseason games in 2005?

*MORE WIMPY: Here are a few nuggets about Paciorek, who earned his nickname as a minor leaguer because of his penchant for hamburgers:

–In addition to Hawk, his Sox broadcast partners included Jim Durham and Gary Thorne.

–Paciorek led the 1983 “Winning Ugly” White Sox with a .307 average.

–Paciorek’s first American League at bat came for the Seattle Mariners on June 22, 1978 at Comiskey Park. In his Mariners debut, Paciorek was whiffed by Jim Willoughby in his only at bat in the Sox 8-6 loss.

For more on Paciorek, check out the Sox Talk podcast at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/white-sox-talk-podcast/id1162163703?mt=2&i=1000385503282

*LAST WIMPY: Paciorek is one in the long line of Sox broadcasters who are just nice guys.

I have worked on the broadcast level at the park since it opened and have encountered all of the Sox announcers from time to time.

There isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

*SOX ALMANAC: On this date in 1957, an agreed-upon 10:20 p.m. curfew forced the White Sox, who had to catch a midnight train to Boston, to settle for a 1-1 tie in Baltimore.

The Orioles’ Dick Williams homered in the ninth one minute before the curfew to force the tie.

The game was official so if the Sox, unaware of the time, had stalled, they would have won. The stats counted and the game was replayed later.

*O CANADA! On Montreal’s 375th birthday, here are some Sox-related nuggets in the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province:

–The Sox dropped their only series in Montreal, dropping two of three to the Expos from June 18-20, 2004

–The Sox lone win in Montreal was an 11-7 decision on June 18, 2004. Carlos Lee drove in four and Neal Cotts got the win and doubled as part of an 18-hit attack.

–Montreal was the site of one of the worst starts in Sox history. The Expos tagged lefty Arnie Munoz for 11 runs in three innings (including nine in the second) in the Sox 17-14 loss on June 19, 2004. That was the only start of Munoz’s career.

–Pete Ward is the only Montreal native to play for the Sox.

*STUMPER ANSWER: Tadahito Iguchi


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