I was not Maryland-Baltimore County of the #108Tourney.

A 16 seed in the White Sox Dave Region, I could not replicate the stunning upset the Retrievers pulled on No. 1 Virginia in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2018 in the annual Twitter event staged by Section 108 (@fromthe108).

WSCR host Leila Rahimi waxed me 65 percent to 35 percent with over 2,400 votes cast.

Thanks to everyone for voting for me and for the vocal support throughout the day. Frankly, I did better than I thought I would based on the excellent work Leila does and her well-deserved popularity.

It’s just an honor to be included in the brackets.

Thanks, too, to the 108 crew for putting so much time and effort into this tourney. Their quality input ingot this thing is why this it is so popular.

Really this event shows how unbelievably robust and enthusiastic White Sox Twitter is.

Good luck to everyone else the rest of the way.

Look for me voting and promoting the tourney through its conclusion.

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