A screenshot of Frank Thomas being introduced as the cleanup hitter at the 1995 All-Star Game in Arlington, Texas.

In the wake of the American League’s All-Star win, here’s a look at some White Sox “last times” in the “Mid-Summer Classic:”

*Last player to bat: Tim Anderson, 2022

*Last player to pitch: Liam Hendriks, 2022

*Last starter: Anderson, SS, 2022

*Last starter, pitcher: Chris Sale, 2016

*Last starter, catcher: Carlton Fisk, 1985 (only player to start at catcher for Sox in ASG)

*Last starter, second base: Nellie Fox, 1963

*Last starter, shortstop: Anderson, 2022

*Last starter, third base: Jimmy Dykes, 1933 (only time)

*Last starter, left field: Richie Zisk, 1977

*Last starter, center field: Thurman Tucker, 1944

*Last starter, right field: None

*Last starter, DH: Harold Baines, 1989 (only time)

*Last hit: Anderson (single), 2022

*Last hit in first All-Star at bat: James McCann, 2019

Paul Konerko at the 2002 All-Star Game.

*Last double: Paul Konerko, 2002

*Last triple: Aparicio, 1962 (only one)

*Last homer: Magglio Ordonez, 2001

*Last RBI: Konerko, 2002

*Last run: Alexei Ramirez, 2014

*Last multi-hit game: Konerko, 2006 (2-for-2, 2 singles)

Last multi-AB game: Anderson, 2022

*Last 3+ AB game: Carlos Quentin, 2008 (0-for-4)

*Last 5+ AB game: Aparicio, 1970 (0-for-6)

*Last 3-hit game: Simmons, 1934 (3-for-5 … only one)

*Last multi-run game: Fox, 2, 1961

*Last 3-run game: Simmons, 1934 (only one)

*Last multi-extra-base hit game: Konerko, 2002 (2 doubles)

*Last multi-RBI game: Konerko, 2, 2002 … Frank Thomas (1995), Zisk (1977), Luke Appling (1936), Fox (1954) also had 2

*Last steal: Ramirez, 2014 … Ray Durham (1998) and Aparicio (1959) also have one

*Last caught stealing: None

*Last picked off: None

*Last walk: Konerko, 2011

*Last HBP: Konerko, 2012 (by RA Dickey)

*Last sacrifice: Ozzie Guillen, 1991

*Last sacrifice fly: Ordonez, 2000

*Last GIDP: Abreu, 2019

*Last intentional walk: None

*Last strikeout: Abreu, 2018

*Last multi-strikeout game: Aparicio, 1970

*Last to reach on an error: Ramirez, 2014

*Last to make a pinch-hit appearance: Konerko, 2011 (walk)

*Last pinch-hit: Durham, 1998 (RBI single)

*Last pinch-double: Minnie Minoso, 1952 (no pinch-triples or homers)

*Last to bat leadoff (start): Aparicio, 1970

*Last to bat second (start): Fox, 1959 (second game)

*Last to bat third (start): None

*Last to bat fourth (start): Frank Thomas, 1995

*Last to bat fifth (start): Zisk, 1977

*Last to bat sixth (start): Aparicio, 1961

*Last to bat seventh (start): Anderson, 2022

*Last to bat eighth (start): Abreu, 2018

*Last to bat ninth (start): Early Wynn, 1959

*Last pitcher to bat: Ray Herbert, 1962 (strikeout)

*Last pitcher to get a hit: Billy Pierce, 1957 (single)

*Last pitcher to score: Pierce, 1957

*Last pitcher with a sacrifice: Pierce, 1955

*Last with a go-ahead RBI: Konerko, 2002

*Last with a game-tying RBI: Konerko, 2002

*Last to face a Hall-of-Famer: Konerko, 2010 (hit into a double play off Roy Halladay)

*Last to get a hit off a Hall-of-Famer: Konerko, 2002 (ground-rule double off Trevor Hoffman)

*Last with a game-winning RBI: Fox, 1954

*Last position player to appear in back-to-back games: Anderson 2021-2022

*Last position player to appear in three consecutive games: Konerko 2010-2012

*Last position player to appear in 3+ games: Fox 11, 1953-1961 (first game)

*Last player to hit safely in consecutive games: Ordonez 2000-2001

*Last winning pitcher: Sale, 2013

*Last losing pitcher: Jason Bere, 1994

*Last to earn a save: Hendriks, 2021

*Last to pitch an inning: Hendriks, 2021

*Last to give up a hit: Hendriks, 2, 2021

*Last to give up a run: Sale, 2016

*Last to give up an unearned run: Never happened

*Last to issue a walk: Lance Lynn, 2021

*Last intentional walk: Never

*Last to log a strikeout: Hendriks, 2021

*Last to log two strikeouts: Sale, 2013

*Last to log 3+ strikeouts: Gary Peters, 1967

*Last to log 4+ strikeouts: Pierce, 5, 1956

*Last to log a 1-2-3 inning: Sale, 3rd inning, 2013

*Last righty to log a 1-2-3 inning: Esteban Loaiza, 2nd inning, 2003 at US Cellular Field

*Last to give up a home run: Sale, 2016 (to the Cubs’ Kris Bryant)

*Last to give up a single: Hendriks, 2021 (Omar Narvaez)

*Last to give up a double: Hendriks, 2021 (Ozzie Albies)

*Last to balk: Never

*Last to give up a triple: Roberto Hernandez, 1996 (Ellis Burks)

*Last to uncork a wild pitch: Jon Garland, 2005

*Last to hit a batter: Sale, 2014 (Chase Utley)

*Last to pickoff a runner: Never

*Last to pitch less than an inning: Hendriks, 2022 (0.1 innings)

*Last to not record an out: Bere, 1994 (2 batters faced)

*Last to pitch more than one inning: Sale, 2013 (2 innings)

*Last to pitch more than two innings: Peters, 3, 1967

*Last to give up three hits: Mark Buehrle, 2004

*Last to give up four hits: Thornton Lee, 1941

*Last to give up 4+ hits: Sandy Consuegra, 5, 1954

*Last to give up 2+ runs: Pierce, 1957

*Last to give up 3+ runs: Consuegra, 5, 1954

*Last to face a Hall-of-Famer: Sale, 2012 (allowed a single to Chipper Jones)

*Last to retire a Hall-of-Famer: Buehrle, 2005 (struck out Mike Piazza)

Todd Frazier was the last Sox rep to appear in the Home Run Derby.

*Last to participate in the Home Run Derby: Todd Frazier, 2016 (2nd to Giancarlo Stanton)

*Last to win the Home Run Derby: Thomas, 1995

*Last error: Fox, second base, 1958

*Last time the Sox had two reps at the game: 2022 (Tim Anderson, Hendriks)

*Last time the Sox had three reps at the game: 2021 (Anderson, Hendriks, Lynn)

*Last time the Sox had four reps at the game: 2012 (Sale, Adam Dunn, Konerko, Jake Peavy)

*Last time the Sox had 5+ reps at the game: 2006, 7 (Konerko, Buehrle, Jose Contreras, Jim Thome, A.J. Pierzynski, Jermaine Dye, Bobby Jenks)

*Last time the Sox had 6+ reps at the game: 1954, 9 (Fox, Chico Carrasquel, Minnie Minoso, Jim Busby, Consuegra, Fain, Bob Keegan, George Kell, Lollar)

*Last time two Sox were on the field together: 2021, Anderson at shortstop and Hendriks at pitcher

*Last time three Sox were on the field together: 1959 (second game), Lollar catching, Aparicio at shortstop and Fox at second in innings seven through nine

*Last time four Sox were on the field together: 1954, Bob Keegan pitching, Fox at second, Carrasquel at shortstop, Minoso in left

*Last time no Sox played: 2015 (Sale did not pitch)

*Last game with no Sox at bats: 2021 (Anderson played the last two innings at shortstop but ended the ninth in the on-deck circle)

*Last time the Sox had two starters: 1959, second game, Aparicio at shortstop and Fox at second

*Last time the Sox had three starters: 1959, first game, Wynn at pitcher, Aparicio at shortstop and Fox at second

*Last pitcher to appear in back-to-back games: Hendriks 2021-2022

*Last pitcher to appear in three consecutive games: Sale 2012-2014

*Last time a pitcher inherited a runner: Hendriks, 2022 (stranded)

*Last time a pitcher inherited two runners: Thornton 2010 (both scored)

*Last pitcher with a hold: Hendriks 2022

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