Twitter showed its bright side recently thanks to a Tweet from what turned out to be the “friendly skies.”

On my flights to-and-from Philadelphia last weekend, I spent as much time as I could gazing out the window spotting baseball diamonds.

This is something I do when I fly — as infrequently as that is — for comfort. I see a lot of diamonds, too, which confirms to me that baseball remains as popular today as it was in my youth.

Flying out of Philly, I was inspired by the sheer volume of fields so I tweeted …

I was surprised and warmed by the responses. As the 132 and counting “likes” demonstrate, I discovered that I am not only one who does this in one form or another.

My favorite response came from my old friend Chris Ackles — former in-game host at Guaranteed Rate Field —and doesn’t have anything to do with baseball.

And the responses kept coming.

What made it doubly pleasing was that the responses were so “unTwitter” like. There was no negativity, no snark, no hate … just pleasantries.

The bombast has has never been much of an issue in our circles. However, in recent weeks, you just never know.

Thanks friends … and here are screenshots of more responses.


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