Posting nuggets about the White Sox and their glorious history … For more see @SoxNerd on Twitter and check out my SoxNerdCast at https://anchor.fm/soxnerdcast

In real life, I am David Marran, proud husband of Laura, stay-at-home Grandpa, member of the White Sox scoreboard crew, Marquette grad and contributor to Kenosha.com.

In my former professional life, I worked at the Kenosha News as a sports writer and sports editor from 1987 until I retired in December of 2016.

Reach me at dmarran359@aol.com.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT THE @SOXNERD”

  1. YOU are certainly into STATS! lol…
    i had a grandfather like you! worked for the sox some 40 years….
    spent many a summer evening, as a youngster, in the press box and afterwards the bards room (spelling?) Those days I so very much miss!


  2. I went to Bat Day in 1973 and I thought Harmon Killebrew roofed one in that game. Not positive, but maybe. Any info on this ? Thx


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