My alphabetical review of the 2021 White Sox continues with a look at BILLY HAMILTON:

*Hamilton was successful on all nine of his stolen base attempts for the 2021 White Sox.

He joins Tim Raines (13-for-13 in 1994), Tony Bernazard (11-for-11 in 1982) and Dewayne Wise (9-for-9 in 2008) as the only Sox to post a 1.000 stole-base success rate with at least nine attempts in a season.

*Hamilton, Oscar Gamble (1985), Mark Ryal (1985) and Jarrod Dyson (2020) are the only Sox to wear 0.

*Hamilton made an amazing catch, prompting this tweet from the Nerd: https://twitter.com/soxnerd/status/1412842600034414594?s=21

Next: Liam Hendriks

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